Wednesday 14 November 2018

Sinn Fein supplied the bullets for political hit

Fine Gael lined itself up with the party that speaks for the killers of gardai to shoot down Willie O'Dea, writes Jody Corcoran

Jody Corcoran

Jody Corcoran

SINN Fein, the political organisation, and the Provisional IRA, the still-in-existence terrorist organisation responsible for the murder of around 1,800 people -- and the killing of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe in Limerick in 1996 -- are two sides of the same coin.

Maurice Quinlivan is a Sinn Fein politician from Limerick. Maurice Quinlivan is not his brother's keeper. His brother, Nessan Quinlivan, has been described in court as an "essential cog in the IRA". Neither is Nessan Quinlivan the keeper of his friend. His friend is Pearse McAuley. McAuley has been described as a "psychopathic gun nut". In 1991, McAuley shot his way out of Brixton Prison in London along with his cellmate, Nessan Quinlivan.

McAuley and Nessan Quinlivan were awaiting trial on charges relating to a suspected IRA plot to murder a former brewery company chairman,Charles Tidbury, in 1990. Up to 40,000 people lined the streets of Limerick for the funeral of Jerry McCabe. McAuley was also one of the killers of Detective Garda McCabe -- he and three other terrorists from Limerick.

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