Sunday 18 March 2018

Simon Harris: It's not bigoted to have a view on abortion

Both sides in the long-running Irish debate are guilty of tarring the other with stereotypes, writes Simon Harris

VOLTAIRE once commented that "the most important thing in life is to speak your mind". That's exactly what I did last week. At a private meeting amongst colleagues, I raised concerns about legislating for abortion in Ireland, adding that should such a scenario arise, I would have grave difficulty supporting it. The next day I read about my comments in the media.

I didn't think my views were radical or out of sync with the views held by many Irish people. They were my views and I am respectful of other people's views on the matter. But it seems when it comes to this issue, it is nearly impossible to make comments or profess a view without being labelled, tarred with stereotypes and becoming a receptor for insults.

And by the way, both "sides" in the long-running Irish debate on abortion are guilty of this.

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