Tuesday 16 July 2019


EDITORIAL ANIL Vora of Hong Kong has a couple of delightful inventions to his credit, the kind of inventions that make people ask the classic question ``why didn't I think of that myself?''

One is an umbrella that will not be blown inside out on a windy day. Another is an anti-burp baby's bottle. If sightings of the umbrella are at best rare, at worst non-existent, at least one has to admire the idea.

But now Mr Vora has gone too far by inventing the Mobile Squelcher, a gadget that zaps mobile telephones by emitting a radio wave which causes the call to break up. Among the inventions that one vainly wishes could be disinvented, this must stand high on the list.

It may sound splendid, the ultimate answer to the Mobile Menace. But it bids to add Squelch Rage (or Phone Rage, or Zap Rage) to Road Rage and Air Rage and all the other modern rages. It could kill a marriage or a multi-million business deal. It could lead to murder. It can't be disinvented, but let us hope it won't be used.

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