Tuesday 24 April 2018

'Sickness' that lets some Asian men see Western women as sexual prey

We have to overcome our fears and stop defending the 'rights' of warped cultures, writes Carol Hunt

'How embarrassing," wrote the feminist Muslim journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown in the UK Independent newspaper (2001).

"For the first and (I hope) only time in my life, I found myself agreeing a little with the irritating Boris Johnson as he argued with Harifiyah Haleem, a Muslim writer, on BBC Radio 4's Today programme. They were discussing Johnson's latest claim that the terrorists who attacked the US did so because they despise the liberation of women."

In articulating this thesis -- that repressed sexuality and an insidious misogyny are at the core of a warped culture as practised by the terrorists who were responsible for 9/11 -- Johnson was reiterating the views of Martin Amis, Sam Harris and other vilified atheistic 'anti-islamists': views that have been roundly condemned by most right-thinking liberal lefties -- of which Ms Brown is indubitably one.

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