Wednesday 21 March 2018

Shane Ross: Beware Avenging Angela if chancellor is re-elected

The canny Greeks pulled off a staggering coup last week, but the real Angela Merkel hasn't gone away, you know

Shane Ross

GOD help us all if Angela Merkel wins next year's German elections. The chancellor is a pussycat today compared to the spectre of a victorious Angela next September. Facing the polls, she is currently at her most fragile. She fears the same electoral fate as French president Nicolas Sarkozy suffered in May.

No one sensed her weakness better than the canny Greeks last week. On the brink of starvation and poverty, destitute Greece outfoxed affluent Germany and pulled a mighty prize out of the negotiations. They eyeballed Angela, waving the threat of European anarchy and the collapse of the single currency if they were allowed to sink. Angela blinked first. While champagne corks were popping in Athens on Monday night, there was sobriety in Berlin and Bavaria.

What was the mood like in Dublin? Was our position strengthened or weakened by the Greek success? Were the Greeks blazing a trail for indebted nations? Or had they exposed us as compliant German satellites?

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