Friday 24 November 2017

Shabby episode an example of all that's wrong in sorry State

Brian Cowen's troubles are deepening by the hour. The consultation process is little more than theatre. His survival is on a thread as more and more of the facts emerge. The greatest step forward in this process of slow revelation of the truth I will shortly examine. First, however, there is Mr Cowen's statements about himself.

He concealed more than he conceded in his lengthy statements to the Dail on Thursday. He failed to answer crucial questions. He concealed details of significant conversations about Anglo Irish Bank held with senior bank staff, board members and other politicians. He denied exchanges that have been clearly claimed by others. He has since continued to prevaricate. This is what mr Cowen has been doing, with little respect for the truth, over the last three years in respect of the banks, and notably, Anglo Irish Bank.

'The Fitzpatrick Tapes', the book which gives Sean FitzPatrick's version of events and which led to this week's confrontation in the Dail by opposition party leaders, had all the appearances of a tailor-made script for the Taoiseach, giving him three events that he could easily answer (though nothing was easy about the answers he gave): the St Patrick's Day phonecall; the game of golf; and the Anglo Irish Bank board dinner. Whatever one may think about the truthfulness or otherwise of the Taoiseach's account, it cannot be challenged further without forensic investigation and testimony under oath.

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