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Separate but still very much a family

Kristen Kennelly-Murphy recalls the day her dad, Brendan Kennelly, left home WHEN I told my mother I was going to write about being the child of a divorce, she told me that my utter shock at learning that my father was moving to Trinity was heartbreaking to behold. @@STYL cf,plabx It is one of my few lucid childhood memories. I was sitting in our small television room at home in Sandymount. It was the end of a school day and I was tired. My dad sat down beside me, and seemingly out of the blue, said: ``What would you think of me moving out of our home and into Trinity?''

Usually it takes a minute or two for bad news to sink in, @@STYL cf,plabx but I remember the overwhelming pain crashing down instantly that day.

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