Sunday 21 October 2018

Seoige & O'Shea are no Richard & Judy

Who watches television in the late weekday afternoon? Nine-to-five office workers obviously don't and neither do those, like myself, who work in the evenings and who are on their way into offices. Nor do women or men who stay at home and who are busy looking after children returning home from school and preparing dinner for them.

That leaves... well, who exactly? Young children, obviously, and schoolgoers and third-level students and old people in nursing homes - listless, captive audiences - which is why most channels fill this time of the day with cartoons and soaps and other undemanding pap to cater for the bored whims of such viewers. Such is the practice, and a quite reasonable one, of RTE2, TV3, TG4, Channel 6 and BBC1.

So what channels see fit to commit substantial money and resources to this blankest time in the schedules? Well, Channel 4 does with the dreary Paul O'Grady Show (if someone can explain the appeal of Paul O'Grady to me, please let me know. No, actually, don't bother) and so does UTV with the Sharon Osbourne Show (and if someone can explain... oh, forget it), and now along comes RTE1, which is obviously of the opinion that the 90 minutes of vacuous magazine-style twaddle it foists on us with The Afternoon Show isn't sufficient and is now insisting on giving us 50 more minutes of the same.

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