Friday 23 February 2018

Sean Coughlan: I’m going to follow my dream and become a stand-up ... I hope the joke isn’t on me

MY name is Sean Coughlan. I’ve just turned 30 and have decided to become a professional stand-up comedian. Or at the very least, try to be one. Over the next nine months I’m going to be followed for a feature film documentary called Stand Up or Die Trying as I try to make my way in the comedy world.

If that sounds vaguely confessional, it’s because it is. There’s something odd, and slightly shameful about saying I want to pursue a career in comedy. In a way it’s me saying I’m funny, in fact I think I’m so funny that I can be funny professionally. That kind of arrogance and self-confidence doesn’t sit well with me. I think it’s an Irish thing, where self-confidence is looked down upon and ambition is often considered a curse word.

It’s certainly not self-confidence I’m inflicted with. I seem to have the comedian’s mindset. With my cloying cynicism, insecurity and a sprinkling of self-loathing, the jokes should write themselves.

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