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Sarah caden: Thank you to the outspoken professor who spoke up for all of us

Given that I'd listened to Professor Michael O'Keefe on Today With Pat Kenny last Thursday on the cancelling of treatment of cataracts and childhood eye cancers in Temple Street because they are scheduled and not emergency procedures, it was odd that I didn't recognise him as he oversaw my child's treatment there the following day.

Last Thursday, Prof O'Keefe, who is an ophthalmic surgeon in Temple Street and a doctor who has been outspoken for years about bed, ward and theatre closures, explained what will happen when one of the three operating theatres in the hospital is closed. He talked about blindness and death of children. He didn't scaremonger, as Pat Kenny suggested as devil's advocate, because you can't scare anyone that moves regularly in the health service. Those people are scared already. And those people could be you or your child.

But because all of us imagine bad things happen to other people, we let these things pass. And even I, who was due to bring my daughter to Temple Street ophthalmic department the following morning, was guilty of that. I cheered how Prof O'Keefe put his head above the parapet, but I didn't see it as being on my behalf.

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