Sunday 17 December 2017

RTE too timid to use the 'B' word

We need honesty, and the sooner our broadcasters acknowledge we're close to bankruptcy the better, writes Emer O'Kelly

Four people recently said to me that negative comment on the Government and the state of the country should be declared treason against the State. They were dead serious.

Three of them specified RTE as the putative traitor; one specified all of the media, including this newspaper. Admittedly, three of them were fairly active and influential supporters of Fianna Fail. The fourth was, as far as I know, a non-aligned concerned citizen. But they all scared the hell out of me.

It was as though their memories had been wiped clean of what we are supposed to have learned from the silent, wicked years when children were raped by priests, and tortured and enslaved in institutions in silent collusion with an all-powerful Church and its lackey politicians -- and nobody knew, or if they did, they too colluded and stayed silent.

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