Wednesday 25 April 2018

RTE lulled by SF song and dance on Queen handshake

Broadcaster has serious questions to ask itself on why it gave prominence to Sinn Fein's cheap game, says Brian Hayes

On Friday morning, RTE's main news programmes led with the story that Sinn Fein was considering allowing Martin McGuinness to shake hands with Queen Elizabeth when she visits Northern Ireland this week as part of her Jubilee tour. Big deal! By giving this story such prominence during the course of Friday morning RTE was dancing to Sinn Fein's tune. We all know Sinn Fein has been playing a cheap little media game on this issue in recent weeks. The idea that the former hard man of the IRA is having a fit of the vapours over meeting the Queen is rather pathetic. It's all about Sinn Fein milking headlines. The question for RTE is this: why are you dancing to Sinn Fein's tune?

The peace process was the exact same.

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