Monday 26 February 2018

Rooney's greed is a symptom of the sickness that's killing football

Jim White

YOU have to admire Wayne Rooney's sheer cheek. There he is, currently playing like a drain, his private life splattered all over the tabloids, tarnishing both his own image and that of his employer -- and yet he has put in a demand seeking to more than double his salary.

£200,000 (€228,000) a week, he apparently reckons Manchester United should pay him. And if they don't, he'll go elsewhere. The club, however, appears to have told him that is rather more than a footballer as tarnished as he is worth.

And since his manager, the hoary old disciplinarian Sir Alex Ferguson, is of the opinion that rather than insisting on a massive pay rise, Rooney should show a little contrition, humility and work ethic, a parting of the ways is inevitable.

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