Sunday 19 November 2017

Ronan Price: Facebook turning a profit at expense of our privacy

Ronan Price

Ronan Price

MARK Zuckerberg already knows more about you than your priest or doctor, if you're the typical Facebook user. The famously anti-social founder of Facebook has made a business out of ruthlessly collecting information about your social activities and essentially selling your life to advertisers.

Mr Zuckerberg's computers already absorb 46 billion pieces of "digital content" every day, everything from simple status updates -- "I'm in the pub" -- to photos uploaded to brands "liked", to messages sent to other users. We willingly hand over such a vast trove of personal data purely because it's free to log on and effortless to reach many people at once.

That wouldn't be of so much consequence if Facebook's software didn't meticulously log and cross-reference everything you do on the site and subtly alert your friends from time to time -- "Ronan likes Rimmel lipstick" or "Ronan is attending the Jedward Eurovision party" could be the least embarrassing of your revelations.

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