Saturday 24 February 2018

Robert Fisk: So history repeats itself, with the mistakes of Iraq rehearsed afresh

DOOMED ALWAYS to fight the last war, we are recommitting the same old sin in Libya. Muammar Gaddafi vanishes after promising to fight to the death. Isn't that just what Saddam Hussein did? And of course, when Saddam disappeared and US troops suffered the very first losses from the Iraqi insurgency in 2003, we were told that the gunmen of the resistance were "die-hards", "dead-enders" who didn't realise that the war was over.

And if Gaddafi and his egg-headed son remain at large -- and if the violence does not end -- how soon will we be introduced once more to the "dead-enders" who simply will not understand that the lads from Benghazi are in charge and that the war is over?

Indeed, within 15 minutes -- literally -- of my writing the above words (2pm yesterday), a Sky News reporter had re-invented "die-hards" as a definition for Gaddafi's men.

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