Friday 16 November 2018

Richard Humphreys: The Middle East needs peace talks, not another intifada

A Socialist MEP's call for a renewed struggle is spectacularly ill-chosen

ZEAL: Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy
ZEAL: Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy

Richard Humphreys

WITH an exquisite sense of timing, in the week that US Secretary of State John Kerry managed to get Israeli and Palestinian negotiators together for the first time in three years, Paul Murphy of the Socialist Party found himself calling on Palestinians to rise up in another intifada against Israel.

Just to remind you, the first intifada (or "uprising") resulted in the deaths of over 2,000 people, many of them civilians. The Palestinians killed over 800 of their own people as alleged "collaborators", many in the most brutal manner possible, and most without any real evidence. The Palestinian concept of human rights embraces such practices as killing collaborators by dragging them through the streets tied to motorcycles.

Huge numbers of injuries were also sustained on both sides, with over 1,400 Israeli civilians injured, as well as 1,700 soldiers, and thousands more on the Palestinian side. Over 100,000 Palestinians were arrested during this disastrous period in recent Middle Eastern history.

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