Wednesday 22 August 2018

Reilly can stop inefficiencies -- and save kids' lives -- overnight

Closing beds to stay within HSE budgets is leaving operating theatres empty, writes John Crown

John Crown

I have a certain level of outrage this morning over a report commissioned by the Irish Government, and conducted at great expense by international experts, which found that the same Irish Government was blameless in a major national disaster, one that threatens the health, and indeed the lives, of many of our citizens. I am not referring to the Nyberg Report into our property-bubble driven banking crisis, which after its solemn deliberations were over, and a trifling million euro spent, told us that we had a property-bubble-driven banking crisis.

No, other than the opportunity cost to our health and social services of the million, and the frustration of those who hoped that it would lead to the sight of hooded bankers, developers and Fianna Failers being paraded to the gallows, the Nyberg Report won't actually cause any damage. It's harmless waffle.

The situation may be entirely different with the as yet unpublished but widely leaked Meridian Productivity Report into the Dublin paediatric hospitals, a report which, if misinterpreted, has real potential to harm Irish children. Why?

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