Friday 24 November 2017

Rebellious FF may be deluded but forgetful voters are the real problem

Liam Fay

It's like the last five years never happened. Fianna Fáil supporters in Limerick are so gung-ho about their prospects in the upcoming local elections that they are literally jostling for a place on the party ticket. Somewhere out there, two bald men fighting over a comb have interrupted their scuffle to share a chuckle at the deluded futility of the spectacle.

The rebellious fury suddenly gripping some corners of Fianna Fáil's national organisation contrasts sharply with the eerie silence that emanated from the party's grassroots throughout the bailout era. Despite everything that's happened, the issue on which the foot-soldiers of destiny have finally decided to revolt is their own electoral advancement.

Ultimately, however, Fianna Fáilers with faulty memories aren't the problem -- it's forgetful voters.

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