Wednesday 22 November 2017

'Real men' go back on prowl in Movember

The moustache craze in aid of prostate cancer puts strong, dominant, males in a good light, writes Julia Molony

Julia Molony

Movember has now ended, and thousands of men across the country will be shaving off their 'Mos'. But as they do, many women will be lamenting the loss of this insignia of old-school, unreconstructed masculinity.

Every now and then a dirge is sung for the death of the so-called traditional male; unreconstructed, dominant, powerful and strong. With it usually comes a critique of today's apparently "feminised society" and a call for the return of the "real man".

Perhaps this goes some way to explaining the popularity of the Movember phenomenon, where once a year, in aid of prostate cancer, men across the world have an excuse to grow their facial hair and re-imagine themselves as Magnum PI.

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