Thursday 26 April 2018

Rapist in repose who went unnoticed in the crowd

I watched Larry Murphy sleeping peacefully on the train just a few feet away from me, writes Maeve Sheehan

ON the 1.30pm train from Cork, a suspected serial killer slept soundly in his window seat amidst a carriage full of oblivious passengers. He sat alone, three empty seats around him. His head, tucked into his right shoulder, lolled against the window pane. He had scrunched up his grey Timberland hoodie into a makeshift pillow.

He didn't stir much but for an occasional snuffle or twitch, his blue eyes occasionally opening a fraction when the train jerked before closing again. He looked tired: he had bags under his eyes. His skin was pale apart from a farmer's tan on his neck.

He was entirely unaware that a journalist was sitting opposite him, munching a ham and cheese sandwich while inspecting his features.

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