Wednesday 25 April 2018

Rape-joke gardai are bungling fools ... but nothing worse

While initally shocked and horrified by the remarks, Antonia Leslie reckons the gardai involved are like little boys in the schoolyard

Antonia Leslie

WAY back in the Seventies there was some extreme supposed feminist slogan going round to the effect that all men were potential rapists. And there were these t-shirts or badges that said: "Men are everywhere, not just in dark alleys."

And my stepdad, Maurice Craig, would take the piss out of it by going round singing: "Men are everywhere and not just in dark alleys, they're up on top of the hills and way down in the valleys."

Comedian Dara O Briain recently wrote an article about how so many young comedians nowadays who want to appear edgy are making rape jokes -- and it wasn't cool. Regarding the rape comments made by the gardai in Mayo, I need to firstly make it clear that I am a huge supporter of the Shell to Sea campaign in Corrib. And I am not a great fan of garda policing of the protests in Mayo.

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