Sunday 21 January 2018

Purveyors of bad news are selling us down the river

The negativity of the 'doom and gloom' merchants threatens the economic recovery, writes Marc Coleman

Marc Coleman

Marc Coleman

THEIR dispatches are little more than dumbed-down diatribes. Their self-promotional tactics would make Jedward blush. And their forecasts of recession were made so often and early that, like a broken clock, they were bound to be right at least twice a day. Our politicians take them seriously, but that just goes to show how superficial they are.

Unfortunately, the dime-a-dozen divas of despair are also darlings of a media addicted to reporting the next apocalypse. A media that has completely missed the huge positive angle on our economy. That's because, to get the positive angle, you have to look back -- and forward -- over a longer period than two years.

Yes, the economy has shrunk by 10 per cent since 2007. But it grew by 413 per cent in the last four decades. Would it kill anyone to point out that a big step backwards has come after four equally big steps forward?

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