Thursday 26 April 2018

Protectionism comeback in new anti-EU agenda

German policy is leading to a defensive backslide into nationalist politics, writes Carol Hunt

'THE euro's dead. Long live Germany!" was the uber-nationalist cry earlier this month from top German lawyer, Markus Kerber. He's currently suing the German government in an attempt to stop it 'bailing out' bankrupt neighbours, starting with Greece and then going on to Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain -- none of which he believes is a 'worthy member' of the Eurozone.

He's not alone. Market analyst and author Michael Mross is among the experts who say the Germans are at boiling point.

"If the problems of the euro become more and more, bigger and bigger, higher and higher, it's not excluded [that] German people [will] go on the street and say we don't want to pay any more," he warns.

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