Wednesday 13 December 2017

Plus is in the change, monsieur

We have nothing to feel guilty about as a people who have hope for the future and aspiration to achieve, says Carol Hunt

Word has it that the latest 'novel' by French en-fant terrible Michel Houellebecq -- La Carte et Le Territoire, to be published in France next month -- is set in Ireland, where he lived for some time (he's now in Spain).

I've put the word 'novel' in inverted commas because, according to French newspaper Le Parisien, the book's central character is "a foul-smelling, alcoholic, badly dressed writer called Michel Houellebecq" . . . who lives in a tumbledown house near the River Shannon which has the "worst-kept lawn in Ireland".

And that's grand. If Michel wants to denigrate himself in print, there'll probably be an awful lot of people he's previously offended -- feminists, Muslims, homosexuals, his mammy, socialists and Guardian readers everywhere -- standing by to cheer him on. But we all know that Houellebecq, crazy genius that he is, loves Ireland.

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