Friday 24 January 2020

Paul Williams: SF leader finds his Teflon touch has deserted him

AT NIGHT when Gerry Adams snuggles up with the teddy bear and little duck he is constantly tweeting about, he is probably wondering why his latest credibility crisis refuses – like the Provos – to go away.

But the signs are that the Teflon terror chief may finally be running out of road, as the controversy over his slow delivery of information about the sexual abuse of his niece grows deeper by the day.

Adams, who is so adept at swatting away awkward questions, is finding out that the issue of protecting children from sexual predators is a lot harder to duck than his organisation's murderous, criminal past.

Yesterday, the Sinn Fein leader dragged the North's Director of Public Prosecutions into the fray when he confirmed that Barra McGrory QC was his lawyer in 2007.

During a 40-minute interview with police that year, Adams failed to disclose the vitally important fact that his brother Liam had admitted he was a paedophile seven years earlier.

Adams was at times a clever propagandist in the past, but he now finds himself in a corner.

One wonders whether he is trying to throw up a smokescreen to distract the attentions of inquisitive journalists and politicians elsewhere.

NO matter what he says or does from now on, Sinn Fein's chest thumping about the protection of children and political accountability will be met with deserved scepticism.

The republican, further, is even finding that there are critical mutterings from the ranks of his normally well-disciplined, deferential comrades.

Gerry and his troops, who are determined to be governing us all in a few years, now have a serious credibility problem with a public repulsed by the mere mention of child sexual abuse.

But no matter what spin he creates, the Sinn Fein leader will not be able to escape this particular ghost from his long and difficult past.

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