Sunday 17 December 2017

Paul Moran: Electorate gives fumbling Coalition a bloody nose

Overall, satisfaction with the Government has dropped significantly -- just three in 10 are satisfied, while two-thirds (65pc) are unhappy. Given the instability in the broader economy and the subsequent affect on the micro economy -- the amount of money in our back pockets -- this is hardly surprising.

However, the government parties seemed much more sure-footed when they first came to office with a communications strategy that was largely consistent and coherent -- it came as a breath of fresh air after the perception of a communications deficit that the previous administration suffered.

More recently we have seen some stumbling, such as the relative failure of the property tax, the confusion over water charges and the ongoing dialogue with the electorate over the fiscal treaty referendum (35pc still undecided, and many unsure what it is about). For some, they have gone from talking to the public to talking down to the public.

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