Friday 20 April 2018

Pat Byrne: How we can light a fuse for change

There is no 'somebody' to do something about this crisis because that somebody needs to be you

LAST weekend, I took one of life's little risks by sharing my views in public, and I was heartened by the depth of outpouring and endorsement I subsequently received from members of the public for the simple ideas which I expressed in my interview with Brendan O'Connor on the Saturday Night Show on RTE.

It was just 12 minutes or so, but what a connection seems to have been made with people who obviously harbour very similar views and convictions on the way the Government has marginalised so many, and especially those business-owners and their employees in the small-to-medium-sized private domestic sector and those who have lost their jobs in this sector.

I have found it incredible that so many people have taken the time to articulate how they feel. I'm not a politician but a realist, and as I tried to get across on Brendan's show, an Irishman who cares deeply about what is happening to our country at the hands of politicians, many of whom are motivated by self-betterment, a wholly unfit public sector management structure, public sector unions who are drunk on the power bestowed on them by a couple of decades of 'social partnership' and an inner circle of elite 'experts' favoured with 'well-priced' public contracts. Of course, and not unique to Ireland, the banks continue to call the shots -- their way, unchallenged.

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