Wednesday 17 January 2018

Pat Byrne: Forget politics, here are 10 things to help us all

For economic recovery, consumers must start spending and our businesses must have funding

Pat Byrne

I am not an aspiring politician but an Irishman deeply concerned at what is happening in my country, and like many other busy people caught up in the everyday challenge of trying to make things work in 'our own world', I am growing increasingly upset by a lack of action to tackle basic issues that continue to drag down the domestic economy and create an unhealthy division within our society.

Of course there is a better and decent way of dealing with the problems that afflict 'the middle', but the problem is we don't do protest very well in Ireland, though we're brilliant at doing blind acceptance. However, a mobilised and articulate Middle Ireland commands voting power, which is the only currency politicians understand, and after last week's Budget they need to be reminded once again, how much we have been utterly failed by a party political system that has been exposed for the time-warped dinosaur it is.

There are two very basic problems with the domestic economy, a catastrophic lack of money in circulation and the lack of sufficient bank funding to help businesses withstand this dramatic drop in activity. Banks don't do charity and won't lend until they see an improvement in the 'ability to repay' from business customers, who depend on their customers to oil the engine. The lack of cash doing the rounds is due to a very large section of every local community having little or no money to spend after discharging their domestic bills, living expenses and mortgage repayments. Discretionary spending power for many is something they even find hard to remember.

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