Sunday 18 February 2018

Passionate desire sets a woman's world afire

Yes, of course we want to be loved, but above all else women want to be sexually desired, writes Antonia Leslie

SIX years ago I had a very strong relationship with a man who was 20 years younger than I was. Physically, it was no different than being with a man my own age. I wasn't attracted to him for his Adonis build, firm ass and supposed youthful virility. On the contrary, he was too skinny and his sexual prowess was no different from any man my own age I had known.

The attraction was his face, how it looked; his cockiness, his self-confidence, his emotional maturity for his young age; and the fact that one so young desired me. He desired me incredibly, and never stopped telling me just how much. The chemistry, as they say, moved mountains.

The key here is: when a woman feels irresistibly desired, that feeling is better than great sex, lean firm muscle or soft silky hair. Desire is what sets the world on fire. It ignites passion, blazing fireworks that explode in your heart with such luminosity that common sense and rationale are completely obliterated. Debbie Harry, from that great Eighties group Blondie, described it in one simple word, "Atomic!"

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