Friday 19 January 2018

Party's over for political leaders

So. No Micheal Mojo then. After a week of euphoria in Fianna Fail circles, when they thought they had pulled it back from the brink, when its new clean-cut, clean-handed leader seemed to magic away the past 10 years with one simple word -- "sorry", they are now faced with a terrifying prospect.

This could be as good as it gets. Fianna Fail pulled the ultimate stroke last week in seeming to redesign the brand in one fell swoop, putting in a new leader who could apparently credibly announce that this was a new party. There was a feeling the soldiers were back in touch with their destiny and anything seemed possible.

And it got them 16 per cent in today's Sunday Independent/ Millward-Brown Lansdowne poll. So the rejuvenated Fianna Fail are only 3 per cent off the all time low they hit last month. It is hardly a cause for celebration. They will still need 9 per cent of the population to join them in the secrecy of the ballot box to get that 25 per cent that would be a likely and respectable outcome for them.

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