Thursday 18 January 2018

Party leader locates a smoking gun to shoot himself in foot

ONCE upon a time, back in the olden days of Opposition, Green Party members were great men (and women) for a bit of a protest. They loved nothing better than a good picket on a Saturday afternoon, complete with kids in buggies, a packed lunch and a smorgasbord of shouty slogans.

But almost two years into their first tour of duty in Government, the Greens are now officially, and to their eternal bemusement, The Man. So the party finds itself on the other side of the barricades any time it gathers for one of its multifarious talking-shops, looking out from the inside at the various disorderly dissidents.

And sure enough, the barricades were already in place around the front of the Tower Hotel in Waterford as the Green politicians and party faithful began to arrive for the kick-off of their three-day convention.

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