Tuesday 12 December 2017

Our only mistake was to elect the fools on offer to us

Our political system and those within it are totally discredited -- so why are we still expected to believe in them, asks Jody Corcoran

BY now we know how we got here, although I would take issue with this "we" thing. It is a catch-all phrase with an untrue connotation that, to a large extent, we are all somehow to blame for the economic wasteland around us.

The politicians, yes, they are to blame, hugely so; the bankers too, more so, perhaps, and the regulators also, of course, with their nondescript habit of doing nothing.

But let us not forget the advisers, civil servants mainly, in situ when the rot set in, and still there, and their various bedfellows, economists and the like, to be found in the ESRI and other such august organisations with a brass plaque upon the wall.

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