Sunday 22 April 2018

Our nation will crumble as debt mountain rises

Our future lies in a state where we'll be burning one in five tax euros on interest payments as our hospitals, schools and roads fall apart, writes Daniel McConnell

Daniel McConnell

Daniel McConnell

IT is 2014. Ireland has just emerged from its worst ever recession, yet its debt levels are the highest in Europe and the country lies decimated. Between the €80bn-plus bailout for its banks and the country's ongoing fiscal crisis, the hard-pressed Irish taxpayer is being killed by higher taxes to pay for the bailout while their public services have all but collapsed.

Hospitals have been closed, the country's roads are in disarray because of potholes; its education system is at breaking point, with its leading lights having fled to greener pastures, its airports are the most expensive in Europe and its bloated public sector bureaucracies remain because of union intransigence.

Worse still; Ireland for the past four years has lost at least 60,000 people, particularly young people, to emigration, meaning once again its brightest and best are seeking their fortunes and livelihoods abroad.

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