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Thursday 22 February 2018

Our fighting chance in brutal Battle of the Bonds

Of the €85bn borrowing, €15bn should be non-repayable assistance -- to reflect Europe's culpability, says Marc Coleman

SWEDES, Hessians and Frenchmen they came. Catholic s and Protestants on both sides. On the banks of the Boyne they wrote a continent's history using swords instead of pens and blood instead of ink. Over three hundred years later and another international army has decamped in our land. With cameras and mikes instead of swords and muskets, the world's media descended on Ireland this week.

That media portrayed us as Europe's weakest link -- but, as in the Battle of the Boyne, we are more a vital front line than a weak link.

But if Fianna Fail cannot prevent defeat in the next election, they can retain a shred of honour: they can make Europe pay for its contribution to a crisis that has enveloped us all.

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