Wednesday 22 November 2017

Opening your mind to Nama's truly labyrinthine can of worms

Reading about Nama's latest fabulous convolutions was a truly WTF moment for Brendan O'Connor as he tried (and tried) to figure it all out

Whatever the opposite of an epiphany is, I had one on Wednesday morning when I opened up the papers. Rather than gaining some gleaming insight into the true nature of everything, I realised that in fact I know or understand nothing.

But the real worry was that I realised no one else really knows anything either. The big question in my head on Wednesday morning was, as the young people say, WTF is going on? And the answer? Well there is none, because no one can really give you one. Because they don't know WTF is going on either.

The first WTF moment was when I heard that Nama is apparently going to start lending people money to buy property, in a bid to free up the stalled property market. As if Nama wasn't convoluted enough already.

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