Saturday 17 March 2018

Only radical reform can save us from outdated Dail

BACK they will troop to Leinster House next week, the fine people we elected nearly three years ago to legislate for us and hold the Government to account, ready for any thrills the new Dail session may bring.

But for the most part they will not bring about the thrills, or rather shocks. And they will not respond to them in any way that matters. Over the decades, the Dail has become less and less relevant to public life, and we have come to a pass where we may wonder if we deserve the name of a representative democracy at all.

Take events either side of Christmas. First, we had disastrous floods, which admittedly affected only a small part of the country. Then it snowed. Well, it does sometimes snow in winter. But we found ourselves unable to drive on the roads, and in many places without a reliable water supply.

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