Monday 26 February 2018

Only a grand coalition can save us from ourselves

If the top two parties would stop digging up the past they could build a bright future, says Gavin Duffy

OUR nation faces its gravest, darkest crisis. Our banking system has collapsed. It is on a life-support system of unsustainable national borrowings.

When the banking system collapses that means the political establishment itself, the First Estate, has failed. The very proof of that is, not only have we lost confidence in Brian Cowen, but we appear to have little faith in an alternative Fine Gael and Labour government lead by Enda Kenny. The Irish people have just lost all faith in the political establishment. It is now a bigger zombie than all the combined zombie banks it is propping up with our money.

The Second Estate (and in Ireland that means the Catholic hierarchy ) "has lost (all) credibility". The degree of credibility lost depends on which archbishop you are listening to, Dublin or Canterbury. So we can't look there for moral leadership in our valley of tears.

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