Monday 22 October 2018

One more killing and Limerick is murder capital of western Europe

Jim Cusack

Jim Cusack

THE hired gunman who killed 'Fat Frankie' Ryan last weekend has a deeply violent background. One of his very close associates was convicted three years ago of the brutal murder of an elderly farmer at his home in April 1998.

At the time, Fat Frankie Ryan's killer and William Campion, now serving life imprisonment, were marauding around Munster, breaking into isolated farm houses. Their reign of fear culminated in the murder of Patrick Sheahan, 68, who was beaten, his hands and legs tied with flex and then hung upside down from the banisters in his small farmhouse in Co Clare. He was left to die.

Gardai tracked down the gang, but were able to convict only Campion - whom they described as a vicious and evil young man. He came from the Moyross estate in Limerick which is being plagued by gangland violence. So, too, does his associate who is the main suspect in the murder of Fat Frankie last weekend.

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