Saturday 24 February 2018

Of course the lawyers want a No vote -- they would, wouldn't they?

Referendum on inquiries by the Oireachtas

It has been interesting to note that the primary campaigners against the referendum to empower Oireachtas committees to conduct inquiries and make findings of fact are lawyers. There have been varying degrees of outrage expressed by the Law Society, the Bar Council and other lawyer-driven bodies.

Certainly, lawyers have stood to benefit financially from the tribunal system that has operated to date. Yet I don't believe their motivation is base.

But I do think that lawyers have a self-perception that differs from how others see them. While the Troika or the Competition Authority see the legal profession as an anti-competitive cartel imposing higher than necessary costs on the Irish consumer and impacting on the ability of the Irish economy to do business, the legal profession sees itself differently.

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