Tuesday 12 December 2017

Obama realises US is better off with the devil it knows in Libya

America fears that a revolution in Muammar Gaddafi's nation could open the door to Islamist terrorism, writes David Frum

Would President Obama prefer a Gaddafi victory? If that sounds implausible, then just look at the record. On March 3, Obama announced that Gaddafi "must go". Two weeks have passed since then -- and more than a month since the uprising erupted on February 15. In the interim, the tide of war has turned in Gaddafi's favour. Yet Obama has done nothing to make his own words reality.

Every proposal -- from the no-fly zone and aid to rebels, to recognition of a provisional government -- has somehow become bogged down.

The administration never rejected the proposals out of hand, but it never accepted them either. And now time, so very unfortunately, has run out. Admittedly, the American government moves slowly. But it does not move this slowly.

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