Tuesday 24 April 2018

Not-so-fantastic plastic obscures the person within

True human beauty needs an emotional recognition that surgery can't create, writes Julia Molony

News that one-in-five people who have cosmetic surgery report disappointment with the results forces us to take stock of our mad rush to plump and pull and nip and tuck. Not least with regards to value for money. What with having to carefully account for every penny these days, dropping a few grand on liposuction when there's a fairly hefty risk that you'll get no return at all on your investment really doesn't seem wise.

With her finger ever on the zeitgeist, Katie Price has just embarked on a perfectly timed show-and-tell of this phenomenon, publishing a blow-by-blow account of every procedure she's ever had done and how much it cost her, via an interview with Heat magazine. The effect is to powerfully demonstrate the futility of all of it.

She didn't like the liposuction and regrets the veneers. She even admitted that she probably didn't need the Botox she periodically had injected into her face but went ahead anyway with it because "everybody else has it done". And though this is a women for whom regular cosmetic surgery could legitimately be written off as a business expense, the jury is still out on the question of whether all that work has actually made her more attractive.

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