Sunday 19 November 2017

Not so much grave mistake as absolute gombeen idiocy

Vincent Keaney's misguided antics epitomise the self-obsessed bubble we are losing ourselves in, says Eilis O'Hanlon

WHEN his Titanic bar and restaurant in Cobh went the way of the ship after which it was named, and sank without trace, Vincent Keaney's disgruntled business partner described the one-time Lotto winner as "a timebomb waiting to explode".

As it turned out, Keaney was obviously more of a biological weapon -- evidenced last week when the YouTube video of him dancing a jig on the grave of Charles Haughey in St Fintan's Cemetery in Sutton went "viral", as the saying goes, and spread around the internet like some nasty airborne disease. With the emphasis firmly on the nasty part of the deal.

Mr Keaney might claim to be making some hugely important point about the legacy of the Haughey years to Irish politics, but the thing about important points is that they can usually be made without Riverdancing on the graves of men whose elderly widows are still around to see their loved one's final resting place besmirched by gombeen idiocy. In fact, the more that video gets watched online, the more apparent it becomes that the antics of this one-time Lotto winner, former Green Party candidate, and convicted drink driver are so pathetic as to make the people who threw their shoes at Tony Blair look like the subtlest of political philosophers.

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