Saturday 21 April 2018

Not even hill-dwelling hermit can escape daft levy

John Boland

First the good news: nobody will be paying a television licence fee any longer. Now the bad: everybody will be paying a television licence fee, regardless of whether they ever watch TV or even own a TV set or any other technological device that can transmit TV programmes. You couldn't make it up.

Personally, I never had any time for those moaning minnies who've been whingeing on for the past 50 years about having to pay for what they've been watching. Yes, the programmes transmitted by our state broadcaster have often been rubbish, but how many calamitously bad plays have you seen for which you've had to pay a hefty price of admission?

You'd think that quarter-hourly advertising slots would pay both for the programmes you're watching and the salaries of those responsible for them, but clearly that hasn't been the case.

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