Friday 23 February 2018

No one was ever in any danger of being raped. You can't get raped by a joke

It would be ludicrous, writes Eilis O'Hanlon, to suspend gardai for making a joke in private that injured no one

FEWER than one in five of the respondents in our poll think the gardai in the "rape tape" incident should be sacked and prosecuted. The vast majority favour the mildest punishment that was offered to them as an option, which is that the men should be reprimanded and then retrained.

It provides more evidence that the Irish public are well able to distinguish between a genuine scandal and one which has been whipped up and kept going by the media.

More evidence, too -- if any were needed -- that the shrill over-reactions of the National Women's Council are becoming more and more counter-productive by the day. People don't like the toxic tone which its grandstanding director Susan McKay has introduced to debates on gender in this country.

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