Friday 25 May 2018

No EU bailout for plucky Jedward

We live in a country where nothing that should work does work. Just last week we found out that Fas, a state agency set up to get jobs for people and to fly other people first class around the globe, actually lessened people's chances of getting a job.

Over the past while, we have learnt variously that our Department of Finance knew nothing about finance, that our bank regulators didn't regulate much. Our banks don't give out money anymore and our greatest assets have become our greatest liabilities.

And then along came something that shouldn't really work -- two hyperactive young lads who don't sing that well but are singers, two athletic guys who have made dancing their USP but are as likely to fall off the stage and break a leg as they are to make it to the end of a gig intact. Two guys who nearly won a talent show when their only discernable talent is for being themselves. And guess what? It shouldn't work but it does. John and Edward managed to lift the spirits of the nation. They made us proud to be Irish again. And suddenly we wanted to win the Eurovision again. Suddenly it mattered again that Ireland has won more Eurovisions than any other country, and now we could be winning another one.

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