Wednesday 24 January 2018

No escape from sex for our children

An alien could be forgiven for thinking life on Earth is about shaking that booty, writes Antonia Leslie

'MILEY Cyrus has given up the Hannah Montana show to become a pole dancer," my daughter informed me the other day. "I doubt that, where did you hear that?" I asked her. I then remembered that I'd read somewhere that Miley's concert had been extremely raunchy. I'd seen photos of her pole dancing. Some school friend must have seen the same newspaper as I did and misconstrued the photos.

"Well, she's definitely posing for Playboy," my daughter incorrectly announced.

But what kind of a conversation is this? My daughter is 11. I know the general consensus is that through consumerism and communication networks, our children are sexualised far too young. This puts serious pressure on them to conform to what they see as the grown-up norm and this is especially true for girls, who seem to seek peer approval more than boys.

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