Saturday 24 March 2018

No 'cultural' excuse for cruel sexual repression

It's liberalism gone mad to ignore horrific practices and say they are nothing to do with us, writes Carol Hunt

ONE of the more disturbing facts that emerged during the trial of Saudi Prince Al Saud in London last week was that CCTV footage was available which showed the prince attacking his servant, Bandar Abdulaziz, in the lift of a hotel on two separate occasions in previous weeks and kicking him outside a restaurant on the night of his death.

One is forced to wonder that if the perpetrator and victim of these attacks had been your average Western guests, would someone, a member of the public, perhaps, have intervened?

Say it was your sister, brother, or a friend, who was being brutally beaten in a public place -- surely you would expect it to be reported? But seemingly Saudi princes and their slaves -- let's not mince words -- are different.

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