Saturday 20 January 2018

Nigella needs love and sympathy, not lectures on ending a marriage

NO one sets out to do it on purpose. The old public tiff. But it happens. At best it'll pass quietly enough – a spot of seething peppered with a soupcon of storming off. Occasional raised voices will be lowered again as passers-by start to have a gawk – a good signifier that it's not horrifically serious yet. If they pointedly look away, however – or worse, whip out a camera – then it's probably gone too far. Nothing to see here, folks. Just a playful tiff. Just emphasising a point . . .

Just like Charles Saatchi was doing outside his favourite restaurant with his missus. Except people weren't looking away, were they? All those nosey do-gooders, taking pictures while he was merely emphasising a point in a tiff about the kids with his hands. Lots of people do that. Surely the only reasonable point to emphasise in that instance is: "Your glands are really swollen"?

In recent years, the pictorial evidence of Rihanna's beating at the hands of Chris Brown became a stark visual representation of domestic abuse that's difficult to forget.

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