Saturday 16 December 2017

Nicky Larkin: No youth left to blame for ripped fabric

Our shared moral and cultural values are getting a little frayed around the edges and threadbare

CHARLES DARWIN: Forget guilt, it’s all about survival
CHARLES DARWIN: Forget guilt, it’s all about survival

Nicky Larkin

Politicians talk about the 'fabric of society'. Our fabric at the moment is canvas -- but not the fine, painterly type. The coarse, scratchy canvas we used to carry spuds with.

And while having money didn't suit us, at least we could afford to be nice. Now we're war-weary, wounded and cynical. And we don't even have Catholic guilt to keep us on the level.

Figures published back in August revealed that 397,500 people had emigrated since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008. That's just a statistic. But those same figures made it very real when they chalked it down as one person leaving every six minutes. That's when statistics become shocking.

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