Sunday 21 January 2018

Nicholas Leonard: Labour's still a soap opera, but at least it's not totally 'nuts'

Much to the delight of British Prime Minister David Cameron, the only effective opposition to his tough coalition policies on spending and taxes is currently being provided by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.

Williams has been going round the chatterati circuits in London in the past few months lamenting that he does not have a platform to air his views But he has no such complaints now. The left-wing weekly, 'New Statesman', appointed him guest editor for one issue in the hope that he might get it a bit of free media publicity.

In the event, the reaction to his criticisms outstripped its wildest hopes, not surprisingly since Williams, who usually couches his comments in carefully phrased double negatives, came straight out with what he thinks and accused the government of creating 'bafflement', 'indignation' and 'plain fear' with its policies.

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